New Driver Lessons – £40 per hour

Everybody learns and retains information at a different rate. Therefore we keep a record of your progress until we feel you are ready to go forward for your test. We use reference books and pictures to make understanding of junctions, road markings, roundabouts and crossings more understandable during briefings, before and after drives.
We have a patient and understanding nature and believe in everybody’s capabilities.

    • One Hour lesson £40.00
    • 90 minute lesson £58.00
    • Block bookings (10 lessons) £390.90 paid in advance
    • Advanced driving lesson £40.00
    • Refresher lessons £40.00
    • Pass Plus £255.00
    • Motorway Lesson 3 hours £120.00

Pass Plus – £255

Stu Ward Driver Training can take you on a one day course minimum of 6 hours. Once you have passed your practical test, we would book a convenient day where we would cover driving on a motorway, night time driving, rural roads/lanes, dual carriageways, town & city driving (Bristol). There is no test or examination during or after this one day course, but a certificate will be given once the Instructor is happy with the students competence during the day.

Practical Driving Test

Please allow 2 hours for your test. This is a one hour lesson beforehand to jog your memory on all aspects of the practical test. Then the 2nd hour will be approx 40 minutes for your test duration and dropping you off afterwards. 2 hours chargeable.

Please Note:

It is inevitable that, at some point it will be necessary to move your lesson during your training period months, if another students test time falls within your lesson time slot. We will endeavor to arrange another suitable time for that week for you to have your own lesson.

Refresher Lessons – £40 per hour

These are aimed for people who have had a break in their driving career or feel they need to brush up on their driving skills or concentrate on areas they feel they are weaker. Or merely those who need a confidence boost on motorway driving, narrow country lanes or night time driving. All these aspects we can cover at a pace that suits you.

Advanced Training – £40 per hour

We can offer advanced driver training that can be used to help you achieve an advanced driving qualification.

Mock Driving Tests

Once you are at a stage in your driving, that we feel you are ready for your test, we can arrange for you to take part in a mock test situation to prepare you for the test day.