Couldn’t have wished for a better result for you Fionn. Great seeing you out in your own car today. Very confident driving. Well done. All the best.


Zee very well done. Great driving. You worked hard and it showed. See you out there. This is what Zee had to say: I'd full recommend Mish because she was not only punctual and used brilliant [...]


Loved teaching Oakley, well done on your result buddy see you around. Oakley said- Highly recommended, down to earth driving instructor, really good for you confidence, jokes aren’t bad either.


A fantastic result for Emily on passing her test in horrible weather. Don’t forget to wave!! What Emily had to say- Would 100% recommend Stu. Thank you for the last few months of driving [...]


So pleased for Bebe on passing her test with only 2 minor faults. I’ll miss your wicked sense of humour!!   Bebe says- Excellent instructor really kind and patient, always looked [...]


Fantastic result for Ben passing his test 1st time with only 1 minor, great job matey. Stu is a great driving instructor all round. He has a calm approach to driving which helps to make [...]


After starting to learn to drive with another instructor Nathan struggled with his theory test and was abandoned. We took up the baton and helped Nathan with the theory side before finishing the [...]